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New Years Resolutions

Another year come and gone. As we bid farewell to 2011, and welcome 2012, we look back on what was accomplished and the hopes that a new year brings. For me, I have learned quite a bit. There have been lessons in appearances, trust, truth, drama, and many more things. I am grateful for the friends i’ve made this past year and look forward to meeting new people in the months to come. As I mentioned, with each year comes the hope of what’s to come. Some things are a given, such as politics, holidays, and pretty much anything that comes printed on a calendar. But it’s the unexpected and the desired that cause us to look forward for what is to come. I’ve made 2 New Years Resolutions. The first seems like it’s one I’ve made plenty of times before. The first resolution is to lose weight. I have a specific goal in mind and hopefully, I will find the motivation to stick with it. My second resolution is to drastically reduce the amount of soda I consume. I’m not saying cut it out all together, but rather limit my intake. With any luck, this will help with the first resolution. One last resolution for this year. I resolve to post at least one recipe each week. So, with that, I’ll be following through with my last post and will have some new recipes up tonight.

– Brent


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