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The Well Stocked Pantry

One question I constantly ask my self is: “What’s there to eat?” After taking a look in my near barren pantry and fridge, i usually resort to ramen or some other quick hunger fix. But what if I had a pantry full of supplies? My culinary experience would be better than boiling water and adding noodles. But, what would I need to have said pantry? I’ve done some looking and have compiled a list of what to keep in your pantry, fridge and freezer.  This list isn’t all-inclusive, but will hopefully give you a good starting point. A majority of this list is derived from the Bride & Groom Cookbook by William-Sonoma with some things I’ve found to be helpful.


Canned Goods:
__ Tuna
__ Anchovies
__ Diced Tomatoes
__ Whole Tomatoes
__ Black Beans
__ Kidney Beans
__ Fruit of your choice

__ Artichoke Hearts
__ Capers
__ Honey
__ Molasses
__ Hot Sauce (I prefer Texas Pete’s)
__ Vinegar (2 of your choice)
__ Soy Sauce
__ Teriyaki Sauce
__ Wine (red and white, both dry)
__ Worcestershire Sauce

__ Olive Oil
__ Extra Virgin Olive Oil
__Canola Oil

Dry Good For Baking:
__ Baking Powder
__ Baking Soda
__ Flour, All-Purpose
__ Flour, Bread
__ Flour, Wheat
__ Sugar, Granulated
__ Sugar, Confectioners
__ Sugar, Brown
__ Chocolate, Bittersweet
__ Chocolate, Semi-Sweet Morsels

Other Dry Goods:
__ Beans, Dries
__ Bread Crumbs, Plain
__ Bread Crumbs, Panko
__ Cornmeal
__ Garlic
__ Onions
__ Pasta, Dried (I have about 5-6 varieties at any given time)
__ Potatoes (I have a few pouches of instant as well as a bag of Yukon Gold)
__ Rice, Brown
__ Rice, Instant
__ Rice, Long Grain White

Spice Rack:
__ Basil
__ Bay Leaves
__ Cayenne Pepper
__ Chili  Flakes, Red
__ Chili Powder
__ Cinnamon, Ground
__ Cinnamon, Sticks
__ Cream of Tartar
__ Cumin, Ground
__ Garlic, Powder
__ Ginger, Ground
__ Marjoram
__ Mustard, Ground
__ Nutmeg
__ Oregano
__ Paprika
__ Pepper, Ground
__ Pepper, Whole
__ Sage
__ Salt, Kosher (or Sea)
__ Thyme
__ Vanilla Extract

__ Bacon
__ Citrus, Lemon
__ Citrus, Lime
__ Citrus, Orange
__ Dairy, Butter, Unsalted
__ Dairy, Cheese, Cheddar
__ Dairy, Cheese, Mozzarella
__ Dairy, Cheese, Parmesan
__ Dairy, Cheese, Swiss
__ Dairy, Milk
__ Dairy, Yogurt, Plain
__ Eggs, Large
__ Hot Sauce
__ Jam, Raspberry
__ Mayonnaise
__ Mustard, Dijon
__ Soy Sauce

__ Bread Crumbs
__ Coffee Beans, Whole
__ Dairy, Butter, Unsalted
__ Poultry, Boneless Breasts
__ Stock, Beef
__ Stock, Chicken
__ Stock, Vegetable
__Vegetables, Broccoli
__ Vegetables, Carrots
__ Vegetables, Peas
__ Vegetables, Spinach

There you are. A fairly extensive shopping list. Of course, you’re free to add or subtract anything from this list. Enjoy your shopping and happy cooking!

– Brent


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One thought on “The Well Stocked Pantry

  1. Gail Delfosse on said:

    And to think I am able to fit 99% of that in my small pantry and cupboards of the trailer!

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